Photo-frames as Thank You gifts :)

While, I planned for my daughters first birthday I thought of giving personalized thank you gifts. So, I started planning three weeks ahead of the birthday. I wanted to make Photo-frames from painted pop sticks  and since the theme we already decided was Peach Butterflies.. Butterflies simply signifying how they are transformed from a caterpillar to a beautiful Butterfly, that’s Hannah for us –  a transforming agent in our family life.

All planned well and was executed till building the photo frames, but I wanted to print and put photo’s of every child so that the moment they see their picture in the colorful photoframe they would be delighted. However, the person I trusted to get me the photo’s dint turn up and for some reason he couldnt help me. I was too disheartened to see my dream break into pieces.

Well, I’ve learnt a few lessons both in time management, and at relationships and above all not to do too much and miss the whole point of being the happy, cheerful, gracious mother God made me to two little angels!



Pink booties for newborn!

Pink booties

I successfully delivered my first order.

They look super cute…

The little feet so secure and cared
When the cold winds blow
They are wrapped in wool
When it gets warm are let free
They dont have to strike the muddy floor
But soon, they will begin to walk with feeble knees
They will feel the pierce, the stones, the thorns
If they dont, how will they learn to walk and grow?

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